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  • Escape Haven Luxury Yoga Retreat Cuisine
  • Escape Haven Luxury Yoga Retreat Cuisine
  • Escape Haven Luxury Yoga Retreat Cuisine
  • Escape Haven Luxury Yoga Retreat Cuisine

Moroccan cuisine has long been considered one of the most diverse cuisines in the world and is a mix of Arab, Berber, Moorish, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, African, Iberian and Jewish. Rich, aromatic spices and flavors are often used in dishes.

Traditional green tea with fresh mint is served with every meal, and coffee is also available, along with an interesting selection of local wines (optional and at an additional cost). See below for our menu samples.



BREAKFAST - Fresh fruits, yogurt, granola, tea & coffee.

LUNCH – Grilled fish or chicken with morocco spiced cous cous and selections of fresh organic salads

SNACK - Fresh Moroccon dates, fresh fruit lassis, or bliss balls

COCKTAILS - Wines & cocktails, homemade carrot hummus with crudites, olives and fresh figs

DINNER - Fish tagine, which is prepared with potatoes, tomatoes and green peppers, slow cooked with spices such as cinnamon, cumin, garlic and ginger. 
DESSERT - Gazelle's Horns- traditional Moroccan almond filled pastry, sprinkled with mint tea.


BREAKFAST - Poached Moroccon eggs with wholewheat toast, fresh fruit, coffee & mint tea. Fresh date and coconut bircher museli

LUNCH - Moroccon salads, chicken prepared with prunes and almonds 

SNACK - Mint tea & sesame cookies

COCKTAILS - Wines & cocktails- goat cheese & sun dried tomatoes, olives & nuts

DINNER - Couscous with sea bass, prepared with Moroccon spices.

DESSERT - Zucre Coco-Traditional Moroccan coconut fudge cake & mint tea.


BREAKFAST – French toast with coconut and tamarillo compote, toasted museli with coconut and ginger and herbal tea selection and coffee 

LUNCH - Falafel served on whole wheat pita-bread w/ yogurt and garlic sauce, Tabbouleh salad.

SNACK - Almond & Pistachio milk smoothie, date, nut and coconut protein balls

COCKTAILS BY THE POOL - Local wines and cocktails, artichoke leaves with yogurt lemon dip, nuts and olives, hummus and carrot sticks.

DINNER - Lentil soup, followed by chicken and citrus tagine

DESSERT - Traditional Moroccan honey cakes & mint tea

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