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Escape Haven Alumnae PattyMeet the beautiful Patty, one of our inspiring alumnae.

Patty is an avid runner, cyclist and yogi and is an active volunteer for Make A Wish Foundation. In May of 2012 she was at the end of a long relationship that left her heart badly broken. This is when she found yoga. "It lifted my spirits and as I got physically stronger I got emotionally stronger as well."

After a year, she decided it was time to finally move on “for good” and start over with a trip to Bali. "I booked Escape Haven, because it combined being outdoors, with like-minded women and my love of yoga. I planned my retreat for August, 2013 and within a few days of leaving for Bali I was out on a trail run and broke my leg. If there was one thing and only one thing that would have stopped my trip, it would have been that. So with my leg in a cast I cancelled the retreat and consulted my Reiki practitioner/spiritual advisor. She said to me “You broke your leg because you can’t run away from what you are trying to run away from. Your pain will still be here when you get back, so you need to stay and work through it.” It’s funny how the Universe knows better than we do the state of our soul." After a year, she had re-booked and made her way to us at Escape Haven for a second time in August!

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Escape Haven Alumnae KarlyMeet the beautiful Karly, one of our inspiring alumnae.

Karly is an amazing 34 year old mother of 2! She says the health and fitness industry has always been an interest to her both personally and professionally, and has studied and trained as a Personal Trainer! However the corporate ladder saw her organically grow and develop in the corporate world eventually becoming PA/EA - and team co-ordinating for large corporate firms. "The work was demanding and after having children, trying to balance all this just wore me out! I never really looked forward to getting up and going to work and eventually resigned 9 months ago to be full time mummy, which I must say is just as demanding but certainly a whole lot more fulfilling and rewarding!"


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Escape Have Alumnae LuisaMeet the beautiful Luisa, AKA Lui, one of our inspiring alumnae

Lui is an Aussie by blood, but moved to Japan to support her husband with his career as a professional rugby player. The original plan was to stay for 1 year, however 7 years later they are still happily living in Japan where Lui has recently graduated as a Holistic Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, a college based in New York. Lui had initially taught English, then worked in the corporate scene at ANZ Bank, until she ventured out and set up her own personal training business; looking after the fitness needs of the expats of Tokyo.

With her ideal holiday being on a beach learning to surf, relaxing and eating great nutritious food, Lui found that Escape Haven ticked all the boxes on her list! She planned for her getaway with us to take place while her husband was away on a training camp so that she could fully focus on herself during her perfect luxury retreat.
"By the end of the week I was just glowing and you couldn't wipe the smile off my face! The combination of the sun, surf, yoga, massages, food, great girls - it just all was the perfect week for me." 

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Escape Haven Alumnae ShelleyMeet the beautiful Shelley,one of our inspiring alumnae 

Shelley refers to herself as ' just a simple Southern California girl.'  She works in Technology and spends her free time outdoors surfing, running, skiing, hiking and walking her boxer Nixon. Although she had been travelling before and loved it, Shelley had decided that it was time to settle for a while, and spend her accumulated funds on remodelling her kitchen. However, after a few months, she saw Janine Hall choose the Villa for Escape Haven on T.V, and after doing a little research, she had booked a trip to Escape Haven Bali for the beginning of May!

Shelley says she wasn't really expecting much out of her stay in Bali, she really just wanted to be as far away from work as possible, however she was pleasantly surprised when Escape Haven gave her everything she didn't know she needed.
"The surfing was great, but the highlight was the entire experience as a whole. Being able to let my brain rest and not have to decide what I'm going to eat or where I'm going to go was the best part of the retreat. I learned that it's okay to let someone else take the reins and be in control. Escape Haven taught me that it's okay to travel far away and then just chill for a while"

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GraceAnn and Geena

Escape Haven Alumnae GraceAnn and GeenaMeet the beautiful GraceAnn and Geena, our inspiring alumnae

Having studied Landscape Architecture, GraceAnn has enjoyed working for herself practicing landscape design and raising three children. She tries to keep herself positive and fit, and in turn keeps herself young! One of GraceAnn’s daughters, Geena, had been studying in Melbourne, and with both Geena and GraceAnn’s birthdays in March, they decided to celebrate with a holiday to relax and surf. 

Geena lives and studies in Melbourne, while GraceAnn is in the US, so they sadly don’t often get to spend quality time together. GraceAnn places huge value on family, so when they saw the opportunity to celebrate Geena’s 21st and GraceAnn’s 55th birthdays together, they jumped at the chance!

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