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Era - Guest Guru & Spa Manager

Meet the lovely Era. Era’s life has been a rollercoaster, conquering the world as a masseuse and single mom. The journey she has been on is breathtaking; she first left Indonesia to work for a very wealthy lady in the Middle East where Era was the private massage therapist in a world of private limousines and jets.

Era decided to head back to Indonesia when she was expecting a little daughter to find a safe and comforting place to deliver. Little Emily was born 3 years ago and was struggling with a lung infection for her first years. Era spent all her time caring for her daughter until she started to run out of her savings and had to get a job.

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Luane - Assistant Manager

Escape Haven Bali Assistant ManagerOur beautiful Assistant Manager Luane is a new addition to the Escape Haven team. Luane is passionate about keeping fit and regularly enjoys cross-fit and weight training. Luane has enjoyed living in many different places across Australia and Indonesia with her family, however feels most at home in Bali due to it's open, accepting and warm culture.

When not at work, being a fitness pocket-rocket or studying for her Management Business and Hospitality degree, Luane is enjoying time with her 3 children and husband - a true super-mum! (Oh, and dancing to 80's music and heavy rock!)

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Merry - Butler

Escape Haven Bali ButlerMerry our fabulous butler is on hand to attend to your every need and always has a smile on her face! She has been with Escape Haven almost 2 years and the one thing she enjoys the most about her role is meeting all the guests. She is a devoted mother of 2 (soon to be 3!) and enjoys spending time with her family, spoiling her children and listening to her favorite band Westlife.


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Manik - Guest Relations Manager

Escape Haven Bali Guest Relations ManagerIt's hard to ever spot Manik without a huge smile on her face. Like our Escape Haven team, she is always laughing and brings happiness to any room she enters. Her unique talent is her creativity and she is the mastermind behind all the lavish table decorations and flowers around the retreat.

Manik has been in hospitality and tourism for around 15 years and working with Escape Haven for 5. She graduated from college after studying Tourism Management for 3 years and enjoyed a year in USA working in hotel management and simply just loves to learn more and more!

Like many of our staff, Manik is a busy mother of 2. She loves spending quality time with her family and describes her children as her inspiration in life. Her family embrace their Indonesian Hindu culture by making an offering everyday in their small temple at their home to thank the gods for everything they have been blessed with and to embrace positive energy.

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Yuni - Our Yoga instructor

YEscape Haven Bali Yoga Instructoruni leaves and breathes yoga. Being in her company is contagious with her harmony, grace and yogic wisdom. She used to run a large corporate in HR with over 1000 employees but said she felt that she was often torn between balancing company need and employee. She wanted to help women on a deeper level.

Her journey to yoga happened over 15 years ago when she was first introduced whilst at college and has been hooked ever since. In 2001, Yuni decided to further her yoga practice and learn more about meditation and philosophy based on Tantra Yoga. It was through studying that she discovered her true passion is to share her love of yoga and teach others. 

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Wayan - Villa Manager

Escape Haven Bali Villa ManagerMy name is Wayan Darminta, however my friends call me Wayan. I am an easy going person and like to go with the flow, but I also like to challenge myself every day. 

I was born in Java Island, which is where my mother is from, and where she met my father who was working as a builder at the time. My father worked very hard to help me to get my degree, but when I realised I could still do well without a certificate, I told him I would find my own way without one to take the weight off his shoulders.

Shortly after, I was employed by small hotel as ‘room boy’ and was very excited to begin my career. When my time as room boy was over, I moved into the Villa Industry as Villa supervisor. Within three years I have been promoted three times up to Villa Manager, most recently in a small village in Tabanan. I like to gain experience within each company I work for by learning the the system and house rules. This helps me to recognise the hierarchy of the company and understand the standard I am expected to achieve.

From the day I was first promoted, I have improved my skills and enhanced my career by doing training and continuing my study at University to improve my English skills. Even though I have to spend lot of time and money, I believe it will be helpful to me in the long run and I plan to graduate with a bachelor degree next year. 

One of my hobbies is learning about the history and culture of different countries and learning about the lifestyles of people in places around the world. I really enjoy making friends from around the world too, and getting to know their different stories and beliefs. 

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