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Katie - Yoga Lead

Yoga is a gift that just keeps on giving… and this is what I love sharing.

Yoga first knocked on my door about 12 years ago, through the guise of a loving and eccentric aunt and a very traditional Indian teacher named Sanjit, in the tropical land of Darwin. It wasn’t until 6 years later amongst the chaos of ‘big city life’ that I realized it was time to let that door open fully, and actually step through into a very different way of living…

My inner and outer world transformed as I immersed myself in yoga philosophy and practice.


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Alycia – Spa & Surf Lead Byron Bay

Escape Haven is a blend of the three things I love most in life: Surfing, Yoga and Food! - In no particular order - The perfect recipe to having an adventurous, serene and delicious experience.

My yoga journey began in Canada, where the stability and stillness of the mountains allowed me to explore a practice that soon became a lifestyle. I now take my yoga practice with me wherever I go - which is easy! I only need myself!

And then I found Surfing… I learnt how to surf when travelling through Mexico, which lead me to Byron Bay where the ocean has a wave to offer every day. I now take my board with me wherever I go - which isn't so easy, equipment is essential with this one.

Surfing and yoga to me are symbiotic. A yoga session in the evening is the only way to satisfy the tiredness of surfing muscles, so at Escape Haven I teach surf-specific yoga classes.

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Mell - Retreat Manager, Byron Bay

My mantra is to eat well and stretch everyday. I think this is how my passion for cooking and yoga began.

I was 19 when I had an opportunity to live a scene from my favourite childhood book “Where The Rainforest Meets the Sea”. Falling in love with many aspects of Haggerstone Island (barrier reef, cape york) I stayed until I was 27. It was here I practiced yoga everyday on our jetty looking over the reef, ate fresh fruit and vegetables from our orchard, combined with an abundance of freshly caught seafood.  Having worked in restaurants from the age of 14, I have always loved fine food, however when I landed on this island and took part in the hunter- gathering of food, inspired me to create amazing meals highlighting the abundance of seafood and fruit and vegetables available at my fingertips.

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