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Our Charity: Creating Futures Foundation

Creating Futures Bali Charity LogoFor the last year, we have been working hard at Escape Haven to launch our passion project, Creating Futures Foundation (CFF). CFF is a charity that aims to empower orphans in Bali through innovative educational programmes that allow children to obtain useful tools for a better, brighter future.
Through CFF’S specially designed ‘learning camps’, we aim to not only build each child’s self-esteem, self-worth and self-empowerment, but to provide them with useful life skills. We achieve this through surf lessons – to build confidence and reduce anxiety; yoga sessions – to balance energy and enhance concentration; and English lessons – to increase employment opportunities later in life. These skills will ultimately give them the ability to realize they are worthy of a great life, and encourage them to strive for it. 
For each Escape Haven booking made, we donate to orphans in Bali who need our help.

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Phone: BALI +62 856 9570 0674
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