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Giving back to Bali's orphans

Creating Futures Foundation’s Give Back Getaway day gives you the opportunity to make a positive and tangible contribution to Bali’s orphans.

Our unique programme allows you to jump in the ocean, on the yoga mat or in the classroom with disadvantaged children – many of which are experiencing surfing and yoga for the first time.

Most of these orphans have never been to the beach or done a downward dog, and by participating you’ll get to witness, and become part of, the infectious smiles, laughter and joy that make these classes so special.

Playful fun is a key element of CFF’s vision. Learning doesn’t have to be serious, and by doing tree pose alongside a child, or helping them master their ABC’S, you’ll not only help them build confidence and key life skills, but you’ll also make memories to last a lifetime.

Everything is arranged for you, all you have to do is turn up and partake.

Whether it’s in the form of time, energy or funds, your generous donation will help create brighter futures for orphaned children in Bali.


  • US$199.00


  • Volunteering with any chosen activity (Surf, Yoga, English)
  • CFF gift bag
  • CFF charity bracelet
  • Information booklet
  • Volunteering certificate
  • Transport to and from activity
  • Remaining proceeds will go towards CFF

If you would like to give back to the Balinese community by taking part in Give Back Getaway day, or for further information, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or mention this in your booking form.

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